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Raley's Deli Chicken Wings

Our Brands:  Super Snacks

Big game get-together require big-time munchies, like new flavors of our Raley's Chicken Wings. We think your team will love our new lineup!

Like our current wings, these are extra juicy, extra delicious chicken seasoned and fried fresh in our stores throughout the day in our Deli.

Shake up your gameday grub with our new zingy Salt & Vinegar wings or our sweet and savory Teriyaki wings. Like all of our wings, you can find them ready to eat in our hot case, or ready to grab and go for later in our cold case.

Try 'em all!

• New! Salt & Vinegar (bone-in)

• New! Teriyaki (bone-in)

• Sriracha Buffalo (bone-in)

• Butter Buffalo (boneless)

• Orange (boneless)

• BBQ (boneless)

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