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Frequently Asked Questions:  Something Extra

What's the difference between Something Extra and other retail programs?
Our program is not a two-tiered pricing structure like some of our competitors. You will continue to enjoy the same high quality and value--and the same ad prices--whether you choose to participate in the program or not. Something Extra rewards you for being you--you just keep shopping as you normally would. As a Something Extra Member, you'll get just that, a more personalized shopping experience as well as reward vouchers you can apply towards your next purchase.

Your magazine is called Something Extra. What's the connection between that and this program?
The connection is you! We know that our customers love the recipes, foodie advice and specials they get in every issue of our Something Extra magazine. We're confident that our customers will also love the savings and service they'll get with Something Extra Rewards program.

Do I need to carry a card?
No. When you shop, you can also use the Loyalty Number you created at enrollment to earn rewards.

How do I get rewards?
There are several ways you can earn rewards. The easiest way is to make sure you use your Something Extra Loyalty Number or Card every time you shop. You will earn one point per every dollar spent. You can also receive Extra points in the connection with the purchase of specified products, attending special events, or by spreading the word about Something Extra to your friends. Rewards also come in the form of additional services on the website such as personalized offers that can be loaded to your account. Check back at the website frequently for more opportunities to earn points.

How do I redeem my points?
You can redeem your earned points by a rewards voucher that is sent to you at the end of every calendar quarter. You must have a minimum balance of 500 points available in your account to be awarded a voucher. Please note that the reward voucher can only be redeemed on in-store purchases of eligible items. If you have a balance of less than 500 points at the time the voucher is issued, you will not receive a rewards voucher, but the earned points will remain available in your account.

Do my points expire?
Yes. Your points will expire if there is no activity within your account for 180 days. (Activity is defined as a change in your points balance.) In advance of this happening, you will be notified by email or through your online account.

Are there certain items that are excluded from earning points?
Yes. Exclusions include: fluid milk and dairy products, lottery tickets, postage stamps, alcohol, tobacco, money orders and other in store services, prepaid cards and gift cards, fuel and fuel services, ecart handling fee, pharmacy items reimbursable by a state or federal government health care program. Eligible items purchased at the Aisle 1 Fuel Station convenience store will earn points.

Can I get cash back for my points?
No. Something Extra Reward Vouchers have no cash value.

My offers don't seem very personalized yet. How come?
To provide you with the utmost personalized offers, we have to first know what you like! The more you shop, the more we can learn about your preferences.

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Where is the Extra Credit option? I still want to support my local organizations like I did with my Quality of Life card.

Comment Number: 5337


I really think this is a great offer for your loyal customers and I think you very much.

Comment Number: 5338


Extra Credit will be available to add to your Something Extra card on 9/26. Because we sent the invite to our e-coupon users only, this is more of a sneak-preview of the program. The full launch will be on the 26th, and Extra Credit will be available at that time!

Comment Number: 5339


Are the cards good at other Raleys/Bel Air stores? The choice of stores that came up didn't include the one I usually shop at, so I had to choose a different one.

Comment Number: 5340


Are the offers one-time usage or per shopping trip? Are "Friday Freebies" discontiued? Are "E-coupons" discontinued?

Comment Number: 5341


Are you still doing Friday Freebies? Also, how do I tie my Quality of Life card to my Something Extra number?

Comment Number: 5342


When you print out the shopping list, the price should be shown.

Comment Number: 5343


jhuffman66- we are no longer doing Friday Freebies, as all our online coupons and offers have been transitioned to Something Extra. As far a Quality of Life, currently you can not use scrip with your Something Extra card because we are still in our limited preview stage. But, don't worry, on the 26th you will be able to add an organization to your Something Extra card and toss your Quality of Life card!

Comment Number: 5344

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My birthday was yesterday; I signed up today. Does that mean I wait an entire year for the birthday special?

Comment Number: 5348


Soooooo sad that you are not doing Friday Freebies any more! I loved that program. Will Something Extra offer any "freebie" items at all?

Comment Number: 5349


So, this is not really up and running yet? So the current offers that are good trough the 19th are not for real, since it doesn't start till the 26th?

Comment Number: 5352


rph- Something Extra is currently up and running. Our new Extra Credit Scrip program is not currently available, but will be on the 26th.

Comment Number: 5353


If you have a question that has not been answered please don't hesitate to visit . There is a link to chat with our Service Center, as well as a form to email. You can also call us at (800)925-9989.

Comment Number: 5354


Do you earn points when you shop at any Raleys/Bel air if it is not your store location?

Comment Number: 5355

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the reward voucher is not clear - I have surmised that every $1 spent on approved items = 1 point; then 1 point = $0.01 in a quarterly voucher. Is this correct?

Comment Number: 5358


Can I only accrue points from the store I chose when I signed up? I do my shopping to two different stores; I hate to think I'll only gain points at one of those stores. Can I add more than one store to my account? Also, is the Something Extra program good at Bel Air stores as well?

Comment Number: 5360


Yes, the SE program is good at all Raley's, Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods stores. You can accrue points at any store, but at this time, cannot add more than one store to your account as your "home" or "main" store. Thanks!

Comment Number: 5361


cindyann1 - you can accrue points at any Raley's, Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods location.

Comment Number: 5362


jhuffman - thank you for your feedback. We think we'll be able to offer you even better options - including freebies - with our Something Extra program that are personalized to the kinds of things you buy.

Comment Number: 5363


Please tell your cashiers to wait until the person is done entering their card number before telling the total. You have chosen to implement this program that now takes each person longer at the register, due to having to enter a card number. I used it for the first time this weekend, and the cashier told me my total before I had finished entering my card number, so the total was too high. I already find it irritating to have to enter a number, but even more so when the cashier doesn't wait for it when she could see me punching numbers on the keypad. One of the things I have always loved about Nob Hill versus Safeway is that I didn't have to enter a number or swipe a card to get the best price.

Comment Number: 5364


this is a great idea, thank you! I would love to send the offers I selected straight to my phone via email. Did I miss this option or will it be available in the near future?

Comment Number: 5366


How can I get additional cards for my family members? They only sent me one. Are there going to be key chain cards avaiable?

Comment Number: 5368


I like the ease of use on this program but the offers are so limited. I used to use e-coupons and friday freebies. There were many options with how I would use those. Now I have a few "personalized" offers and that is it. It would be great if you could do a hybrid of the two or just be able to load the e-coupons to your card instead of the limited offers currently available. I am a die hard Raleys fan, but honestly feel like Safeway has a better rewards/coupon system right now. Love Raleys but personally saving less this way.

Comment Number: 5370


How will the contributions to our schools be calculated? Will it be at a similar level to the Quality of Life program? And will there be reporting available to the schools?

Comment Number: 5371


What's the deal with two different lists: My Accepted Offers List and My Current List? And how come the Accepted Offers List indicates my price as accepted, however the Current List just lists items added without indicating the advertised price?

Comment Number: 5373


This program is nothing like Safeway Just for U. The Safeway program allows you to add all coupons etc you would normally cut out of the paper and online. Raley's card is only " Raley's Specials" it seems it was all just big hype and they did nothing new... headed back to Safeway! Much more economical!

Comment Number: 5375


What is the difference between the Quality of Life Card and the Something Extra Card?Can you use both of them?

Comment Number: 5376


Can I use the card at the store that was not on the list?

Comment Number: 5378


I dont want to carry an extra card or remember my account # or have to write it down and dig it out to provide the cashier. Can we provide our telephone # for the discounts?

Comment Number: 5379


Tmatsuyama - You can choose whatever number you want to be your account number..

Comment Number: 5380


trathbun - you will need to link the cards. You can do that here:

Comment Number: 5381


robertpalgon and gbmorgan - you can find a nice explanation of the new program here:

Comment Number: 5382


berries2 and Swartzroping - our program is only just starting - keep your eyes peeled for more offers, tailored to the way you shop. Plus, you earn points towards rewards that you'll be able to use on free groceries..

Comment Number: 5383


robertpalgon - Available offers are the personalized choices and offers based on what you buy. Accepted offers are the available offers you've selected and added to your card.

Comment Number: 5384


I would like to add Folsom Lake Community Concert Association to your list of eligible organizations. What do I need to do?

Comment Number: 5385

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I use the Raley's E-cart service, since I have great difficulty in walking (and oh-my-stars-and-bars, Thank you for that great service). How do I add my "accepted offers" to the e-cart list?

Comment Number: 5389


Purchased $75 of items yesterday. Clerk didn't ask & I didn't remember to remind him of membership. Is it possible to get SE points credit after the end of transaction?

Comment Number: 5391

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I totally agree with comment 5370. We are getting less offers with this program than the ecoupon/Friday freebie program. It's been pretty disappointing so far.

Comment Number: 5393


Our store said we could combine the 'Something Extra" with the "Quality of Life" card. How do we do that?

Comment Number: 5394

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I would like to designate my local high school for extra credit but it doesn't show up on the list to choose from because it has a different zip code than my residential zip code. I tried typing in the high school name but it didn't work. How can I designate it?

Comment Number: 5397

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Are the offers one time use or unlimited use before expiration?

Comment Number: 5399


I still want to support my local high school like I did with my Quality of Life card. Are the 2 Raleys cards linked so that the highschool still receives a % of my purchases? Or do I have to use my QoL card to benefit the school?

Comment Number: 5400

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Very frustrating site -- I sign in, make a list, but then can't find a link to the list. You give me my "favorite" starting dept (produce), but if I pick a dept like grocery and page to the bottom I have to page to top to get to link to the list again. I go to Home page and am asked to sign on again. This site needs user friendliness testing ASAP (an area where I worked for 25 years as analyst and programmer). The printed list I somehow found last week had no prices, and was a plain text list only, single spaced with no room for markups/notes to be added by hand (which is what I want a printed list for, rather than try to read my phone in the store). Improve please, this takes too long to navigate and does not bespeak Quality nor seriousness as an interface to your customers.

Comment Number: 5404

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To combine your Quality of Life card or sign up for Extra Credit, head to where you will have the opportunity to sign up.

Comment Number: 5406


For your own protection, we cannot answer questions about your account on this page. For questions on your point totals, please contact our Raley's Service Center by phone at (800) 925-9989or online here, where we can answer your questions 7 days a week:

Comment Number: 5407


We're sorry that some of you are disappointed in the new program. Remember: the more you shop, the more we can target the offers to the things you like and buy.

Comment Number: 5408


Robynmcburney - All eligible organizations that were active in Raley’s previous scrip program, Quality of Life, were automatically enrolled into Extra Credit. New organizations wishing to participate can apply by contacting Raley’s Service Center at

Comment Number: 5409


turboman7 - it depends on the offer. The offer is marked with the limit, if there is one.

Comment Number: 5410


To the person who asked about using their Extra Credit at a different location - SE and Extra Credit are good at all stores, not just limited to your "home" store.

Comment Number: 5411


egroeg - it depends on the offers. The more often you shop, the more you'll see personalized offers. Items in the store that have extra points change every week, and are marked in store with extra points signs.

Comment Number: 5412


calnative - For your own protection, we cannot answer questions about your account on this page. For questions on your point totals, please contact our Raley's Service Center by phone at (800) 925-9989 or online at where we can answer your questions 7 days a week

Comment Number: 5413

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I'm not getting email notifications about my offers or specials - did that stop?

Comment Number: 5417

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How do I tie this to the Quality of Life card? I still want those contributions going to the Boy Scout Troop.

Comment Number: 5433

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I can not figure out where I sign up to donate to Napa Valley Swim team. Can you advise?

Comment Number: 5440

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Two weeks in a row with no offers. Why sign up? Why punch in your number each week? Why bother?

Comment Number: 5451

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So, there are to be no negative comments here, I see. Two weeks with no offers. Why bother signing up? Why bother entering your number at the register? A totally useless program!

Comment Number: 5455


How can I track my coffees, to know when I get a free one?

Comment Number: 5456

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Seen this asked twice but no answer yet - clerk forgot to ask for card when I checked out the other day, how/where do I enter my receipt info to get credit for that purchase?

Comment Number: 5461

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We hope you'll continue to shop with the new program - the more you shop, the more we learn to provide you with customized offers instead of one-size-fits-all offers. Additionally, you earn points every time you shop towards a voucher you can use on free groceries every quarter..

Comment Number: 5464

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i log in and cannot seem to get any available offers. any suggestions?

Comment Number: 5468


how do I opt out of your program...

Comment Number: 5469

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Cathy - we are sorry to hear that. If you contact us at or (800) 925-9989, we'd love to answer your specific questions.

Comment Number: 5541


I just got something extra rewards for $6 to use on my next shopping trip, but it didn't work. Did I have to do something to activate it? It's already been accepted through my offers

Comment Number: 6397


We are very sorry you had an issue! Please email us at or call 800-925-9989 to reach an agent who would be happy to look into the issue! - Jessica, Raley's Service Center

Comment Number: 6409


I haven't receive my vouchers in my email. I checked under Spam and didn't see anything. what should I do?

Comment Number: 6692


This quarter's reward voucher will be sent the week of 4/27. More info at

Comment Number: 6693


I forgot to use my double points coupon on my last shopping trip. Can I add that coupon on to my extra rewards program via online?

Comment Number: 6838


The cashier didn't enter my triple point coupon. He apologized and said I could do it on-line. How do I do it on-line? Thanks, Patty

Comment Number: 6839


I am a something extra c ustomer but how do I sign up for the birthday club?? Like to get discounts for bakery cakes

Comment Number: 6879