A sneak peek at our new Holiday Dinners

Inside SE:  Dinner is served
A sneak peek at our new Holiday Dinners

It's not a sneak peek at our magazine - but one great thing about working on the magazine is it lets us take a sneak peek of other cool things coming to our stores.

While we were working on the Homemade issue, we got to sneak the new party trays coming at the end of October (think swanky canapés, bite-size sweet treats and all your favorites at a price point for every budget!)

Right now, I've been asked for my feedback on our new Holiday Dinners. Now Monday I got to try our Butternut Squash Ravioli Dinner. As we've previously discussed, I am a sideline chef. I'm really good at making the homemade sauce for the pasta (1 big can of San Marzano tomatoes + 1/2 cup red wine + several tbsp. Morton & Bassett Italian Seasoning, plus salt and pepper to taste), and the Sutter Sirloin Chili and other assorted doesn't-take-much-skill-hence-Alyssa-can-make-it recipes (Honey Jalapeño Salmon, how you doin'?), so the idea that I could get restaurant-style butternut squash ravioli in 45 minutes?


I was already signed up to order one of these babies. Seriously, sage browned butter sauce, pine nuts on top?

And ready-to-go bruschetta, a beautiful salad with a dressing to die for and ciabatta rolls, and green beans and dessert. THEY EVEN PUT THE GARNISH IN FOR YOU.

This, friends, is sideline chef heaven.

Today, I get to check out our Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Dinner. And Friday is the Lamb. I missed the Maple Bourbon Glazed Ham (I weep) and the turkey - but here they were awesome.

The great thing? These meals aren't just perfect for sideline chefs, but those of you who need to entertain family near the holidays but don't have time. You're going to spend all day on the Thanksgiving dinner, why not spend 45 minutes on a swanky Butternut Squash Ravioli Dinner the night before (thus impressing your in-laws who don't need to know you bought it from us.) Or, as one of our awesome Deli folks suggested, you could serve all of the stuff in the dinner with the turkey.

Seriously, if someone's having turkey with butternut squash ravioli in a sage browned butter sauce, surely THAT is a sweet Thanksgiving, right?

More to come on this, folks!


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Hi I have been getting ur holiday dinner boxes for see years, AND THEN I moved to Rohnert Park ca, I didn't get half of my order no dinner rolls and the kicker NO DIRECTIONS FOR TIME AND DIRECTIONS. I'M JUST VERY UNHAPPY ABOUT IT. I WOULD ALSO LIKE YOU TOO CALL ME AND EXPLAIN. LOYAL CUSTOMER JANICE LORENZO

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