Comment Posting Guidelines

About Us:  Comment Posting Guidelines
Here's the rundown on the do's and don'ts of comment posting!

So, you want to comment on one of our blogs or social media posts/tweets? We'd love to hear from you!

Your input, insight and ideas are very important to us. Your feedback helps us make improvements to our product offerings, our stores and other key areas of our business.

We do, however, want our blogs and social networks to be family-friendly, informative and relevant, so we ask that you please be mindful of these guidelines when commenting:

Be Respectful

  • No offensive language
  • No personal attacks (hostile, derogatory or deliberately insulting comments toward a specific individual or group)
  • No flaming (posting comments intended to induce an angry response)
  • No unwarranted flagging (you have the ability to flag comments, but only do so if the comment violates the guidelines — otherwise we will unflag the comment)

Be Relevant

  • Stick to the topic — if you have a different topic you'd like to bring to our attention, please contact us
  • No self-serving or flagrant promotion of goods, sites or services
  • If you have a customer service issue, business propositions, partnership pitch, or employment issue, please contact us

Be Original

  • Original material only — do not post material that's protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right

Protect Your Privacy

  • Avoid posting personally identifying information (your comments are visible to the public)
  • We remove all comments that include a complete email address (if your username contains your whole email address, please contact us and we can create a new username for your account)


  • You must be over the age of 13
  • If any portion of a comment violates the guidelines, the entire comment will be removed
  • Raley’s employees are welcome to join the discussion, but will not discuss internal issues
  • Raley’s reserves the right to remove any comment that violates these guidelines

We look forward to hearing from you!