Introducing Raley’s Fresh Premium Pork

Raleys Natural Pork

Fine Meats:  Introducing Raley's Fresh Premium Pork
You said, "I want better pork." We listened...

There's a reason we're famous for fine meats - better quality, each and every time. And now we're proud to introduce something new: our Raley's Fresh Premium Pork.

We have the best beef in town - always USDA Choice, always Black Angus, and last year we introduced our new Raley's Chicken, so we thought what better way to ring in the new year than with our own pork?

What makes it different:
- Selected exclusively for us by the best in the business
- All-natural, with no added water or sodium
- Meets strict quality criteria to be labeled Raley's Fresh Premium Pork

Here's something you may not know - the more moisture in the muscle, the better (and juicier) the eating experience.

If you know beef, you know that more marbling means more flavor. Guess what? The same is true for pork, so our pork has more marbling

We set our standards so our pork has a higher moisture level, resulting in a better, juicier eating experience.

And one more thing - all of our pork is hand-trimmed by our skilled butchers.

Ready to "pork out"? Try one of these delish dishes:

Fennel Crusted Pork Loin with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Maple Apple Pork Chops

Milk Braised Pork Shoulder

Rosemary Pork with Cherry Merlot Sauce

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So what country is it from? It can't be fresh if it is vacuum sealed and from New Zealand.

Comment Number: 5203


Marbling is veins of fat; so, what is the general fat % in this pork offering? Also, meat cuts referred to as “round” or “loin” usually have the lowest fat content. What type is this pork? Protein doesn’t have to have fat in it to taste good. Rubs, marinades, and other seasonings can add great flavor. Thanks

Comment Number: 5204


The cuts that meet the criteria for our Raley's Natural Pork program are the loin and the shoulder cuts, so the fat content will vary. The loin for a 3 oz serving will be 7-9 grams of total fat with 2.5-3 grams being saturated fat. The shoulder is 15 grams of total fat and 6 grams of saturated fat. And while we agree that there are many great rubs and seasonings out there, it is always nice to start with a great tasting piece of meat! All of our pork comes from the United States.

Comment Number: 5205


Raley's Team: Thanks for responding. I appreciate it.

Comment Number: 5207

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Grannymom- we're not sure we fully understand your question. You can write us at if you have a concern or suggestion!

Comment Number: 5283


Having been raised on the east coast we often had Sunday dinner roast with a"fresh ham". Sine I've been on the west coast no one seems to know what I'm talking about when I look for a "fresh ham" the shank uncured unsmoked fresh ham. Why is this so difficult to find on the west coast? I've found a company..east coast, that will mail order for me, but why doesn't raleys carry this roast and why doesn't anyone there know what a fresh ham is? The best pork roast ever!

Comment Number: 6776


Our stores are set up to special order this product, so let us know which store you are shopping at and we'll help you get that fresh ham!

Comment Number: 6777