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Fine Meats:  Best in class

What makes beef the best? The USDA defines beef by classes, grading it on tenderness, juiciness and flavor, which are based on marbling and maturity.

Marbling is the dispersion of fat within the lean. The higher the marbling, the better the grade. And the better the grade, the better the taste! Those tiny white flecks found in meat – that’s the marbling! - are what give it consistent flavor and juiciness.

Not only is marbling a factor in beef grades, the degree of maturity also plays a key component. Maturity is based on physiological age rather than the chronological age. The youngest of cattle are classified as having “A” maturity, which denotes excellent color, texture and tenderness.

We are proud to say that all of our beef is USDA Choice – one of the top grades and our beef is the top 1/3 of that grade –  which means its even rich and tender to give you exceptional flavor. Other stores may sell USDA Select beef, a lesser grade, but we’re committed to only bringing you the best beef.

For better beef, better choice, guaranteed, head on down to Raley’s, Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods.

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Yum, Best meat in Yreka

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We are so happy to hear how much you like our meat!

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Without a doubt the best beef at any grocery store...the fact that you offer USDA Choice Black Angus is fantastic. We order a boneless rib eye roast every Christmas and it is always fantastic!

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I am a fan of your Raley's Meat. Infact I only buy my meat from Raleys and Costco. However I have been disappointed with the Ribeyes lately. I had bought 4 Ribeyes and I seasoned them. I added them to the grill. Walked inside the house and made a pitcher of Koolaid. When I was done I came outside and my BBQ was in ingolfed in flames. The meat had an excess amount of Fat on it Ive bought them again and my son removed almost half of his ribeye in Fat. I dont know if Raleys has got a new vendor but the Ribeyes lately have not been disappointing.

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I like it

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Best Butchers in Petaluma!! Always working hard to make sure we are happy customers.

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Yes it will. We at Raley's are proud to say that ALL of our meat is born, raised and harvested in the U.S. Thanks for asking! - Koen Vermeylen, Raley's Director of Meat and Seafood

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It is the best

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