Congratulations Joyce Raley Teel 2012 Scholarship Winners!

Scholarship winners

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Congratulations Joyce Raley Teel 2012 Scholarship Winners!
$22,000 in Scholarships Awarded to 10 Hardworking Students

Raley's employees, family members and community leaders recently gathered at a celebratory awards luncheon to honor the remarkable achievements of very special students. A total of $22,000 in scholarships was awarded to 10 hardworking students.

This year, there were 64 eligible applications received. Applicants were asked to write an essay explaining how technology has enhanced or changed their education and life goals. All of our scholarship winners either work at store level or were sponsored by employees working in our stores or corporate office. Each scholarship recipient demonstrates academic success, philanthropic drive and leadership among his or her peers.

Katherine Camacho | $5,000 Award Recipient
Courtesy Clerk at Raley’s 127

Katherine Camacho was diagnosed with Gertsmann’s Syndrome and Turner’s Syndrome at an early age and uses technology to help her learn. During first grade, Katherine’s teacher wore a wireless microphone that transmitted her voice to a headset Katherine wore. This trained Katherine’s brain to listen to one person and ignore background noises. Without the technology of audio enhancement, Katherine would not have learned to process what she was hearing. Over the years, she’s used a Wiz Kid, which is an electronic dictionary and she’s also taken a sign language class. Katherine learned about the deaf community and loved learning sign language, using video technology to do a better job of interpreting. She is interested in becoming a sign language interpreter and working with people who have cochlear implants. Katherine is currently attending Lake Tahoe Community College and plans to transfer to CSU, Sacramento in the fall. Katherine enjoys helping interpret for our deaf customers and wants to impact society in a positive way by making it easier for deaf people to communicate with others.     

Caitlynn Douglas | $4,000 Award Recipient
Clerk at Raley’s 309

Technology has influenced Caitlynn Douglas’ life in many ways. Technology has helped her in furthering her education and she feels her computer has been like a best friend. It has allowed her to research everything she needed to know about a subject she was studying and allowed her to develop great research techniques. Caitlynn believes that technology has truly influenced her life goals and future career. After many different considerations from marine biologist, to veterinarian to lawyer, she has decided to become a nurse practitioner. This decision came from the day Caitlynn’s sister gave birth to her first niece. Everything used to assure that her sister and niece were safe throughout the delivery process was related to the technology used. It was at these moments that Caitlynn realized she wanted to care for children and save a child’s life. Caitlynn is currently attending Merced Community College and is studying for a degree in nursing.       

Jonathan Chang | $3,000 Award Recipient
Courtesy Clerk at Raley’s 113

Jonathan Chang embraces technology to help him produce the best results in his educational experience. Over the years, computer Labs became Jonathan’s home-away-from-home, and the technology at Western Nevada College made a huge difference in his ability to learn. He uses technology to incorporate Google images, databases, YouTube and the internet into his presentations, assignments and reports. In the fall, Jonathan plans to transfer to the University of Nevada, Reno, where he will study Fire Science. He recently passed his exam to be a paramedic and eventually wants to become a firefighter. Jonathan stated the best way he can impact society is by saving lives.   

Kristin Hoelscher | $2,000 Award Recipient
Sponsored by her Father, Jeff Hoelscher, Staff Pharmacist at Raley’s 424

Nursing has been Kristin Hoelscher’s choice of profession as far back as she can remember.  Kristin uses and relies on technology in her nursing practice and believes that working with people has given her a rare insight into how technology can truly change lives. Kristin feels that technology advancements can improve the quality of life beyond anything we used to believe was possible. Currently in the School of Nursing at Sonoma State University, Kristin wants to impact society by promoting health education programs in small, rural communities.  

Allyson Fischlin | $2,000 Award Recipient
Sponsored by her Father, Steve Fischlin, Manager of Merchandising

Currently a Political Science and Communications major at the University of California, Los Angeles, Allyson Fischlin is a full-time student and an intern at a social media company that has developed social content management software for brands to use to market their products. She believes her generation has been greatly affected by the invention of the internet, mobile phones, iPods, and all other forms of technology that have suddenly become vital necessities in our everyday lives. The insurgence of technology has shaped Allyson’s education and life goals in multiple ways. She wants to impact society by helping people in need, especially pediatric aids patients.     

Kara Wolfley | $2,000 Award Recipient
Clerk at Raley’s 105

Kara Wolfley is pursuing a career in the medical field as a nurse and is focused on healing patients to help them obtain a superior quality of life. Currently studying at University of Nevada, Reno, Kara cares for a hyper-advanced wireless “patient” in a room that can record and play back the course of treatment initiated in different situations. Having prior experience of caring for the “dummy” has not only made Kara more confident and competent for when she is in a real medical setting, but it will, and has, greatly cut down the medical errors made out of inexperience in the health field. Technology has changed the way Kara learns and will change the way she works by providing an enhanced and safer environment for medical care to take place.

Jeremy Cullifer | $1,000 Award Recipient
Visual Merchandising Manager at Bel Air 528

The use of technology has opened new doors for Jeremy Cullifer. During the time he was pursuing his Associates of Arts in Social Sciences at American River College, he worked multiple jobs, got married and had two children. His schedule allowed him to only take one or two classes per semester. Through the use of the internet and the e-Learning environment, Jeremy will be able to earn his Bachelor’s degree in two years, rather than four or more. With the ultimate goal of becoming a Store Director, he believes his work experience and college degree will enhance his value to our company and will help him be the most effective and efficient Store Director he can be. 

Matthew Geib | $1,000 Award Recipient
Clerk at Raley’s 110

Pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno, Matthew Geib wants to be a part of an industry that can research better solutions, solve complex problems and broaden the reach of technology in our lives. Matthew currently volunteers in the Department of Theatre and Dance at UNR and has utilized technology to enhance vocal coaching through Skype, and regularly helps with hardware and software issues during productions. His nickname is “I.T.” (short for “information technology”) and he would like to impact society by implementing technology that helps in the medical field.   

Lauren Galvan | $1,000 Award Recipient
Sponsored by her Father, Daniel Galvan, Senior Clerk at Raley’s 310

With a passion for ensuring that people have the opportunity to be healthy and educated about their bodies, Lauren is studying Women & Gender Studies at the University of Oregon, Eugene. Lauren will be traveling to India for an internship program this summer and plans to further her education with a graduate degree in Public Health. If she could impact society in a positive way, Lauren told our panel of judges that, “Education is the foundation to creating change and we need to find ways to promote education in everyday life.”

Adriane Hughes | $1,000 Award Recipient
Courtesy Clerk at Raley’s 108 and Sponsored by her Father, Lance Hughes, Clerk at Raley’s 108

Adriane attends the University of Nevada, Reno, and said in her scholarship interview that if she could make one positive impact on society, it would be to help people with their mobility by using new technologies available to avoid having surgery. Adriane’s own reconstructive knee surgery was what has inspired her to study physical therapy.

And, we’d like to give a special thank you to our Judges Panel and Scholarship Committee:

Judges Panel

  • Dan Coyle, Attorney-At-Law, Downey Brand
  • Robert Ford, President, Ames Grenz Insurance Services
  • Marcus Graziano, Owner, Capitol Cellars
  • Jane Hill, Interim Executive Director of The Sacramento Philharmonic
  • Debbie Manning, Deputy Chief Senate Sergeant At Arms (Retired)
  • Kim Tucker, Vice President, 3Fold Communications
  • Carol Van Bruggen, Certified Financial Planner, Foord, Van Bruggen, Ebersole & Pajak
  • Rich Wise, Partner, KPMG (Retired)

Scholarship Committee:

  • Troy Dinin, Director of Tax and Treasury and Government Relations
  • Jerry Landers, Senior Director of Human Resources
  • Dorothy McGuire, Executive Assistant to Joyce Raley Teel and Jim Teel
  • Claudia Teel-Doerhoff, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Joyce Raley Teel Scholarship Committee
  • Jennie Teel Wolter, Community Relations Manager

This marks our 14th year of the Joyce Raley Teel Scholarship Program. More than $339,000 has been awarded to our employees and their family members, to date.

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