Media Center: Press Release:  Sunkist and Raley's Encourage Kids to Take A Stand® this Summer for their Favorite Charity with Freshly Squeezed Lemonade

This summer, Sunkist Growers is partnering with Raley's to help families teach kids how to Take A Stand®--for their favorite charity. Near the Sunkist® lemons at all Raley's, Bel Air and Nob Hill stores, customers can order a Sunkist lemonade stand to set up in their neighborhood to benefit their favorite cause. Through the program, which runs through Labor Day, customers can order a Sunkist lemonade stand with their smartphone or by texting a code right in the produce section. Once received, kids are encouraged to choose their cause, to personalize their lemonade stand and get selling!

"The Take A Stand® program provides a fun, creative and educational way for children to learn the importance of giving back to their community," said Director of Retail Marketing Julie DeWolf. "We're pleased to bring this program to Raley's customers and look forward to helping families squeeze some fresh inspiration into their summer fun."

"Giving back to the community is important to us at Raley's," said Jennie Teel-Wolter, Raley's Community Relations Manager. "We are excited to work with Sunkist this summer to encourage children to identify and Take A Stand for a cause they believe in."

The program also benefits a cause close to Raley's heart-Food For Families. The company started Food For Families in 1986, a non-profit program that helps feed thousands at food banks in the communities it serves. Customers donate to the cause and 100 percent of their donations go to their local food bank. With the purchase of every 2 lb. Sunkist lemon bag, Sunkist is donating 25-cents to Food For Families, up to $10,000.

Customers can order their own lemonade stand by visiting the produce section of Raley's and following directions on the Sunkist Take A Stand poster. Find your nearest Raley's store location, at raleys.com. Learn more about the Take A Stand program, including delicious lemonade recipes, tips on picking a charity, decorating your stand and tracking sales, at http://www.sunkist.com/takeastand/.

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Customers can order their lemonade stand following the instructions on the Sunkist Take a Stand display in their Produce Department.