$30,000 in Grants Available through Raley’s Reach

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Company Announces $30,000 in Grants Available for Earth Friendly Projects in the Community

West Sacramento, Calif.  (April 21, 2014) – With the arrival of Earth Day, Raley’s Family of Fine Stores is giving away ten grants worth a total $30,000 to the best ideas to improve the community and make the planet a healthier place.  The top ten nominated ideas that receive the most votes will receive up to $10,000 in Raley’s Reach grants whether it is planting a group garden or starting a neighborhood recycling program.

"Raley’s has a long history of working to improve the environment in the communities where we do business,” said Jennifer Teel-Wolter, community relations manager for Raley’s Family of Fine Stores.  She added, “Given that commitment, we wanted to focus our Raley’s Reach grant program on making the planet a healthier place and providing grants to help put ten earth-friendly ideas into action. Nominations start omorrow, April 22, so submit your idea and spread the word!"

Each year, Raley’s diverts more than 680 tons of waste generated from its 119 stores from eventual disposal at area landfills through recycling.  That is more than 58% of the waste generated at each store being recycled and reused instead of dumped in local landfills.  Aluminum, glass, plastic containers, cardboard, plastic shopping bags and expired food products are recycled at each store.  In addition, expired produce, cookies and other edibles are hauled back from the stores to Raley’s Distribution Center in Natomas where it is made available to local farmers and ranchers as a food source for livestock.

Other notable environmental advancements at Raley’s include a massive solar plant installed on the roof of Raley’s 400,000-square-foot facility distribution center in Sacramento.  It provides close to 20 percent of the facility’s energy and supplementing power from SMUD’s power grid. Plans are underway to cover the entire roof with solar panels.  Raley’s has also upgraded and modernized its refrigeration systems to reduce energy loss.  In addition, “night blankets” have been installed in each store on the refrigerators to limit energy loss during evening hours.

Raley’s has perfected the use of skylights in stores to make them more energy efficient by providing natural light while reducing energy loss. Induction lighting, used at newer and remodeled stores and Raley’s distribution facilities, provides longer lasting, energy efficient bulbs. This reduces the need to replace expired lights and to constantly dispose of expired bulbs. The new lighting not only requires less energy to operate, but uses motion sensors to turn off the lights automatically resulting in a significant cost savings.

For more information about Raley’s Reach, visit: www.raleys.com/reach

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