Near East Couscous and Rice Pilaf

Near East Rice Pilaf & Couscous

Natural Foods:  Near East Couscous and Rice Pilaf

Near East products offer a variety of great tastes and authentic flavors from around the world, and all are easy and convenient to prepare. Using only the best ingredients, Near East is 100% natural with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavors.


While many think that couscous is a form of rice, it is actually tiny granules of pasta. You can use it where you'd normally use rice and the light, fluffy texture is perfect for soaking up savory sauces. Near East couscous cooks in just five minutes and is a creative companion to many delicious meals.

Rice Pilaf

A tasty blend of rice, spices and orzo pasta, pilafs are a very complementary side dish to chicken, pork and vegetarian meals, as well. You can even add other delicious ingredients like grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables to enhance the flavors. Each Near East pilaf has a seasoning packet with a tasty blend of herbs and spices. 

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