Earnest Eats: A Yummy for the Tummy Bar

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Natural Foods:  Earnest Eats: A Yummy for the Tummy Bar
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Tasting is believing.  Most bars use conventional cooking oils to add moisture, but it doesn’t add much in the way of flavor. Almond butter is the secret. 


It brings out the sweetness of the dried fruit, provides a nourishing heart healthy base to keep these bars nice and moist, and is a great source of energy.  It’s also full of “good fats” which keep you feeling full longer.  Some folks say that because almond butter is slightly alkaline it helps their stomachs feel more settled.  Either way, it’s definitely a yummy, healthy snack. Try the Dark Chocolate Mint! 


10 cents of every bar sold is donated to the International Rescue Committee to help refugees of war, famine and natural disasters in the United States. 

For more info see earnesteats.com


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