Dreamin Dark Chocolate Dreams with Peanut Butter & Company

Banana with Chocolate Dream Peanut Butter

Natural Foods:  Dreamin Dark Chocolate Dreams with Peanut Butter & Company
Well for Life

Have you ever eaten Peanut Butter straight from the jar?  You’ll be tempted to with this one!  This  delicious, high protein, energy boosting peanut butter is combined with pure cocoa for a rich chocolate taste with all the health benefits.  Perfect for snacking with fruit, veggies or crackers.  Try slicing a banana and spread each slice with this creamy chocolate spread; you can sprinkle with crushed peanuts if you want to go really nuts! Then freeze on a waxed paper lined cookie sheet for a great guilt free frozen treat!

Numerous studies have shown, when eaten in moderation on a regular basis (1.5 oz of nuts or 2 TBS of peanut butter), there can be significant health benefits such as reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and lower cholesterol.  Go ahead—Go Nuts!



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