Healthy Holiday Beverages—Natural Fizz is Festive!

Natural Foods:  Healthy Holiday Beverages-Natural Fizz is Festive!
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Health-conscious consumers are steering away from sodas this holiday party season and going to sparkling waters with a hint of flavor such as Ayala’s Herbal Waters.  These sparkling herb-infused waters are calorie free and refreshing.  Ayala’s Lemongrass Mint Vanilla has been compared to a virgin mint julep on a tropical island and pairs well with pecan pie, seafood pastas and coconut and Southeast Asian Curries.  For more food and recipe pairings go to www.

Try Q Tonic Water. This tonic uses natural hand-picked quinine from the Peruvian Andes.  Quinine is believed to improve circulation and aid digestion.  Q-Tonic is sweetened with organic agave and has an 85% lower glycemic rating than other tonic waters.  It also contains fewer calories than other tonic waters.  And the Q Ginger is a must try.  All  great mixers for holiday gatherings.  For some tasty cocktail and mocktail ideas go to

So Delicious Coconut Nog and Mint Chocolate Beverage—

Try these flavorful, creamy healthy vegan options.  These non dairy holiday beverages are fortified with calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D for healthy bones and maximum calcium absorption.  In addition, because coconut milk contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids, which promote weight maintenance without raising cholesterol levels, everyone can share a bit of good cheer and stay healthy.  

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Q Waters and Tonics
Fun and festive Sparkling Beverage

So Delicious Nog
Dairy free and delcious!