Healthy Weight Loss—Check Out Chia!

Natural Foods:  Healthy Weight Loss-Check Out Chia!
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Chia seeds are a great way to control appetite and aid weight loss in a healthy way.  These little seeds are an incredible source of fiber (about 11 grams per oz).  It is also the worlds richest plant-based whole food source of omega-3s (as ALA), calcium (more than triple that of milk), and antioxidants. 

Incorporating chia seeds into your diet on a regular basis can help regulate blood sugar, aid in digestion and help you feel satisfied, so that you eat less, and lose weight. 

Chia seeds do not have a flavor so you can add them to almost any food you want.  Bake with them by soaking 2 tablespoons of seed in 1/2 cup of water and let them sit for 10—15 minutes. Use the gel that is made to replace 25 percent of the fat, oil, or eggs in your recipe for muffins, pancakes, cookies, or breads.

Start the day with Nature’s Path Coconut Chia Granola.  And, try the convenient stix packet of Chia Co. Chia Shots, you can toss a few in your lunch bag, jacket or purse to have them available to pour into your yogurt for a snack, or juice, to produce a gel like drink .  Choose one of the delicious flavor combinations of Mama Chia beverages as a refreshing mid-day snack; stave off hunger and get nutritional benefits too.  For a great energizing snack on the go, choose Vitalyte Chia Essential Bars.

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Nature's Path Coconut Chia Granola
Great for snacking too!

Chia Company Shots
Convenient to carry with you!