Are you “in Thyme” for Cold and Flu Prevention?

Natural Foods:  Are you "in Thyme" for Cold and Flu Prevention?
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Thyme is a natural antibacterial agent that kills germs and has a pleasant fragrance.  There are lots of benefits to keeping one of these handy, 1oz natural sanitizers with you this cold and flu season.  Using frequently may just keep you healthy and enjoying life. 

This sanitizer is alcohol free, so it won’t sting or leave skin dry the way alcohol based sanitizers will.  Which, makes it great for kids to use as it won’t sting any cuts they may have.  It’s great for us adults too, as it is not as drying to the skin.  It has a fresh clean fragrance, like being outdoors, and it’s gentle on sensitive skin.

And, as hand sanitizers go, this formulation is free of Benazlkonium Chloride which many people avoid, as it has been associated with severe skin, eye, and respiratory irritation and allergies. 

It is also environmentally friendly and naturally biodegradable.  Fight cold and flu this season, stay well with Cleanwell.  See their website and find out more: . 

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Cleanwell 1 oz
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