Heart Healthy Fast Food—with McDougall

Natural Foods:  Heart Healthy Fast Food-with McDougall
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Dr. McDougall has made a pretty good name for himself in the health field; heart health and weight loss specifically.  The McDougall Diet is composed of whole, unprocessed, low-fat foods that are plant-based.  If you like delicious healthy foods, but often don’t have time to prepare from scratch, then try these
tasty, quick to prepare “health” foods.

The new McDougall Asian Entrées are delish!  They are full of flavor and only 200 calories for a generous, tummy filling portion, and they are incredibly simple to prepare—just add water and pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and ‘voila’ lunch...or dinner.

If you like a satisfying creamy soup without the extra calories and/or artery clogging butter, cream and cheese, the Dr. McDougall Ready to Serve soups are just what you need.  Already prepared with care, they are packaged in special shelf
stable, BPA free, recyclable packaging.  Stock up and keep in your pantry for those days when hearty a quick soup will feed your soul.  Look for the low sodium and gluten free varieties too!  Oh, and don’t forget the grab n go quick soup cups!  They are “souper”. Stock up this month; save and get extra points too!  For more information on the benefits on health of non-processed foods, see www.drmcdougall.com

 Want to learn more about "ancient grains"?  Then click the link below.




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McDougall Asian
Heart Smart Quick Meal

McDougal Lentil Soup
Heart Healthy Heat and Eat

McDougall Cup
Stock up this month and get extra points!