Energize Your Life and Up Your Nutrition!

Natural Foods:  Energize Your Life and Up Your Nutrition!
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Good nutrition can play a big role in the overall quality of our lives and maintaining good health. All you have to do is type the keyword “nutrition” and instantly there is a wealth of nutrition information at your fingertips. The easiest answer to the complicated question of what we should eat for maximum health was probably summed up best by well known author Michael Pollan, when he said “ Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” With that in mind, there are a few items worth checking out to ensure we give our bodies the nutrition it needs to keep us healthy and active.

Proper hydration is key to the body’s function and performance. In today’s hectic lifestyle, people often choose convenience food and drink which are often acidic. These tend to lower our body’s pH into an acidic state, causing a weakened immune system, decreased energy and vulnerability to illness. Counterbalance this effect by drinking a high Ph water like 1907 New Zealand Artesian Water. It is high in alkalinity and helps increase stamina, endurance, and energy. Want to know why it’s called 1907? Go to their website at www.1907water.com.

While we are talking about energy, you have got to try the new Nature’s Path cereal called Qi’a (pronounced Kee-ah), which means "energy."

Every bowl of Qi’a starts with three powerful ancient grains: chia, hemp and buckwheat. This trio of power packed seeds and grains is full of plant-based protein, fiber and Omega-3’s. There is no added sugar (the sweetness comes from natural dried fruits). Choose from two superfood varieties: cranberries and almonds (a great source of fiber and magnesium) or cinnamon raisins and green apples. Great nutrition to start your day!

For a refreshing sparkling beverage that leaves you energized, try Guayaki Sparkling Yerba Mate. Traditional Mate is said to give energy and clarity of mind. It is made from naturally caffeinated leaves that have huge antioxidant benefits. Learn more here: http://guayaki.com/mate/130/What-is-Yerba-Mate%3F.html


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1907 New Zealand Artesian Water
Keep well hydrated for stamina, endurance and energy

Nature's Path Qia
Power trio of ancient grains: chia, hemp, buckwheat

Guayaki Sparkling Yerbe Mate
Feel refreshed and energized with Guayaki Sparkling Yerba Mate