The Great American “Meatout” is this Month! Try Something New or Vegan!

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The Great American Meatout is this Month -
Try Something New or Vegan!
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The Great American “Meatout” is an educational campaign to promote the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet. This year's Meatout is March 20th Incorporating more high fiber beans, whole grains, fruits and lots of vegetables in the diet makes a positive impact on your health and can be quick and easy.

There are some great tasting meat alternatives to try this month like Helen’s Kitchen Burrito Bowls. Check out their website at and learn more about balanced nutrition. While you are at the grocery store, be sure to pick up some Wild Veggie Soups in the freezer section – these soups are great alone or a great base for all sorts of healthful dishes. Visit for an easy and quick Red Pepper Pizza Sauce recipe and spread that on a Rustic Crust Pizza (they make a great gluten free crust too!) with Tofurkey Vegan Pepperoni slices. Oh, so good for you too! For more meal suggestions and great recipes, go to


Click on the following for some quick tips on cooking grains:


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Rustic Crust Pizza Herb
Whole grains - look for gluten and dairy free options too!

Wild Veggie Soup Red Pepper
Nothing but fresh veggies for a rich flavor

Helen's Noodle
Healthy vegetarian nutrition