Look for “Acts of Green” on Earth Day!

Natural Foods:  Look for Acts Of Green
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Earth Day is April 22nd. Celebrate with a special focus is on what we can do to support our environment. Perform “Acts of Green” this Earth Day to make sure we have a healthy earth to support a quality life in the future.


When it comes to food, good choices for our health are often also good for the earth.  Look for products that:

-minimize the use of toxic chemicals

-are sustainably-farmed

-are organic


-has minimal eco-friendly packaging


Support companies like Nutiva, who produce nutritionally superior superfoods and are actively committed to protecting our precious resources with sustainable farming, green energy, compostable and recyclable packaging, etc. 

Nutiva Coconut Oil

Cold pressed to retain vital nutrients and delicate fats

Not bleached

No refined or added chemicals

Donate 1% of all sales to groups that promote sustainable agriculture

Help educate people worldwide on current developments in nutritional science, organic farming, green energy and fair trade practices.


See more about their green acts at www.nutiva.com.

Be prepared for fun in the sun click on the following for more info


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