Gluten Free Snackin’ for Mom!

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Natural Foods:  Gluten Free Snackin' for Mom!
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You know how hard mom works to make sure the family is happy and healthy. Treat mom and make her happy and healthy by making her a good for you, no-guilt snack.  Try Food Should Taste Good chips!

These whole grain chips incorporate nutrient dense ingredients like flax, and sunflower seeds, rich in omega 3s, B vitamins for energy, and plant sterols for added health benefits.  This is perfect with a dip like hummus (Hope Hummus is my favorite).  She is sure to love the crunch and you can choose from a number of flavors like the multigrain, or sweet potato, and they are all gluten free.

I love the fact too, that this company is so committed to making sure their product has no bioengineered ingredients; they became Non-GMO Project verified.  This certification guarantees no genetically modified ingredients are used in any step from planting to packaging; just whole grain goodness. For more information on the NON-GMO project, visit

And, because mom's like it when you eat your veggies! Try this incredibly tasty recipe for Zucchini Sticks; so good and gluten free! Serve it to your mother and she will be so proud!

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Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips
Try it with your favorite dip or salsa for a perfect snack

FSTG Zucchini
Try this simple recipe! And it's gluten free too!