Show Mom Some Love with Chocolove!


Natural Foods:  Show Mom Some Love with Chocolove!
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Our love affair with chocolate continues!


We love to give and receive good chocolate. Once thought to be just a sweet treat, premium dark chocolate is now known for its health benefits too. What better gift can you give than a delicious, creamy blend of distinctly flavored chocolate bars made with all-natural ingredients, wrapped in exotic packaging that looks like a letter; a chocolate letter.

Through the years chocolate has soothed the soul of many through tears of joy and sadness. Chocolove seems to have a chocolate combination for almost every mood. From Raspberries in Dark Chocolate to Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Almonds they have it covered.

There is a romantic feel as you unwrapped the lovely colored envelope with stamps from far away places. To complete the sentiment there is a love poem on the inside of each wrapper along with tasting notes on the back describing the flavor profile of each creamy bar. Making it a great gift for any loved one.


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