Why Tart Cherry Juice?

Benefits Of Cherry Juice

Natural Foods:  Why Tart Cherry Juice?
Well for Life

Did you know there are about 1,000 different varieties of cherries in the U.S?  Many folks enjoy cherries fresh, frozen and dried.

There are many health benefits to including 1 or 2 oz. of Tart Cherry Juice to your daily diet.  Add it to smoothies, mix it in sparkling water, freeze in ice-trays and add it to your iced tea, or swap 2 oz. of water for cherry juice in your pancake or waffle mix.

* It helps you sleep—Tart cherries are a natural source of melatonin, a hormone that can help regulate your sleep cycle.

 * The anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce
inflammation in the joints and helps with arthritis, gout and osteoporosis

 * 17 different antioxidants help protect against many different forms of cancer

* The anthocyanin content helps relieve muscle pain caused by strenuous workouts

 * It’s also high in flavanols which help to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure

Great reasons to keep a bottle of Tart Cherry Juice handy.

 Check out this recipe for a terrific Cherry Lime Sparkler by clicking link below.



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Cherry Juice
rich in antioxidants and helps relieve inflammation