Do my kids need Omega 3s?—What is DHA?

Natural Foods:  Do my kids need Omega 3s?-What is DHA?
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DHA, EPA and ALA are all types of omega 3s.  Omega-3 fatty acids play in important role in healthy brain function, eyesight and a healthy heart.  DHA supports brain and vision development and studies have shown many children may be getting low dietary levels of Vitamin D.


Spectrum makes a Children’s DHA which is plant based, not from fish.  This helps those who want to avoid the risk of ocean-borne contaminants sometimes found in fish oils, or those that might be concerned with food allergies.  This tasty Strawberry Banana flavored chewable softgels provide healthy doses of Omega-3 ALA and DHA and Vitamin D3.


The ingredients are all natural, with no artificial preservatives, and include organic flaxseed oil, DHA algal oil (contains soy lecithin), natural flavor, vitamin E mixed tocopherols and rosemary extract (to protect freshness).


For more information on vegetarian DHA and other health oils FAQs click below


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Spectrum Childrens DHA
Spectrum Childrens DHA & Vitamin D