What is Seitan?

Natural Foods:  What is Seitan?
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Eating less meat is becoming more important to our health and planet.  Health professionals have increasingly underscored the importance of getting enough quality protein in the diet while lowering overall saturated fat.  Enter Seitan (pronounced say-tahn). 

Anyone who is vegetarian or vegan has likely run across an entrée made with seitan, which has likely lead many to wonder, "what is seitan anyway?" It looks very similar to meat, but unlike many meat substitutes, is not made from soy. It is actually a wheat product. 

Seitan has more protein per calorie than fish, beef, or chicken and has 3 times more protein than most tofu and is low in fat.  In fact, did you know it takes about 15 times less water and 10 times less fossil fuel to produce wheat than beef?

Try Sweet Earth Chipolte Style Seitan Strips in your next  fajitas.  They are terrific!  You can grill the Sweet Earth Burgers too for your next family picnic! 

Check out their website for some great recipes under Cooking With Seitan at http://www.sweetearthfoods.com/


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Sweet Earth Seitan
More protein per calorie than fish, beef, or chicken and delicious!

Sweet Earth Burger
Try on the Grill!