Love Cheese but need to be Dairy Free?

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Love cheese but need to be dairy-free?
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Do you love a cheesy pizza, cheese in your tacos, a little cheese on top of your chili? What if you need to be dairy-free? Is there really a dairy-free cheese that doesn’t taste like caulking?

The answer is Yes! Try Daiya non-dairy cheese. It melts and stretches just like regular dairy cheese, and it tastes just like cheese should.

This is a non-dairy cheese that is perfect for folks who might suffer from food allergies or a sensitivity to dairy or who are vegan. There is absolutely no casein, whey or lactose. It is not soy based and there is no gluten – three of the most common allergens. 

Check out the recipe for the Great American Veggie Burger at


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Daiya Cheese Tray
Cheese that melts and tastes like cheese should!