Stressed Out? Herbal Cup to the Rescue

Natural Foods:  Stressed Out? Herbal Cup to the Rescue
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In our modern fast paced society, there are so many demands on us, physically and mentally, resulting in built up stress. This stress can affect our immune system, muscles, skin and most definitely our emotions, causing anger, frustration, impatience and restlessness, to name just a few. 

Help your body cope with every day stress by taking advantage of the healing art and knowledge of master herbal tea blends.

You will love the effect of the Herbal Cup Anti Stress Tea.  This unique blend of Chamomile, Ashwaganda, Lavendar Flower and clove is delicious and soothing.  Designed to help relieve the stresses encountered on a daily basis.

Sip on it cold or hot to unwind and de-stress.

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Herbal Cup Tea
Relax, destress, enjoy the rich flavor!