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For those in search of "super nutrition" and whole grain goodness, Rudi's organics seem to fit the bill. From breads to buns, rolls and tortillas, Rudi's has lots of delicious whole grain, spelt and gluten free options; and most are vegan.


The following are answers to some common questions:

Q - Are Organic breads better for you?
A - Organic describes the way the ingredients are grown and processed. They do not contain any GMOs (genetically modified organisms), are not grown with dangerous pesticides or chemicals, not irradiated and do not have artificial preservatives. This is generally accepted as a healthier option.

Q - What is Spelt?
A - Spelt is an ancient relative of modern wheat and has a higher protein content. Some people find it easier to digest and often, those with a sensitivity to wheat find they can tolerate spelt products.

Q - What is the shelf life of breads and rolls?
A - Rudi's Organic Bakery has a special patented process to delay staling and preserve the freshness. Once thawed, the sandwich breads have a 7-day 'sell-by' code life with an additional 3 days for home consumption (that's 10 days after thawing). The artisan breads, spelt bread, hamburger buns and hot dog rolls have a 5-day 'sell-by' code life with an additional 2-3 days for home consumption. DO NOT REFRIGERATE THESE BREADS - refrigeration only dries out this bread faster. The Spelt Tortillas are different and will last 7-10 days in your refrigerator after purchase.


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