Go Raw Foods Are Hot!

Natural Foods:  Go Raw Foods Are Hot!
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Many folks are finding huge benefits to optimizing their nutrition by eating raw and living foods. These include fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts which are living foods containing natural enzymes. These enzymes are believed to be destroyed when foods are heated to above 118 degrees in the cooking process.

Sprouting seeds and beans can maximize the nutritional content and enzymatic activity and are easier to digest. The body is capable of making enzymes, but it is believed to have a finite amount and over time the amount of available enzymes diminishes. That means it's even more important to get them from the foods we eat.

Eating Raw Foods can be delicious. You can find some pretty good organic, raw, gluten free and vegan foods like Go Raw Snacks, Granola, Bars and Sprouted Seeds. I like to crunch up the bars and put in my salads for a yummy crunch and nutrition boost (see the Baja Strawberry Salad www.raleys.com). Try grating strawberries with the Go Raw Chocolates, it makes a delicious, nutritious dessert.

Benefits of incorporating raw foods in the diet include: Weight Loss, Improved Immunity, More Energy and Better Digestion. Seems like some great reasons to "Go Raw." To find out the best way to transition to a raw foods diet and the benefits of sprouting, go to www.goraw.com

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