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Natural Foods:  REvitalize-Superfruits

Found in the natural foods supplement set, this antioxidant rich “superfruit” blend is fast becoming a staple at my house.  It is a tasty blend of 21 superfruits, which are foods with exceptional nutrient and antioxidant quality.  Click on http://drinkre.comfor a complete list of the superfruits they use like, mangosteen, maqui, seabuckthorn, etc. —Pssst get a $1 off coupon and get personalized information from a doctor too!

Read WebMd, watch Dr. Oz, or any health related blog and you will find that getting enough antioxidants on a daily bases is critical to our health because they help fight disease, keep our body’s defense system going and helps fight the symptoms of aging by fending off free radicals.  Free radicals are all around us, in the air, in processed and fast foods, pesticides, chemicals, smoke, etc.  We need quality antioxidants in our diet to maintain good health.

That’s why I am so glad I found the REVitalize 32oz superfruit drink for daily Nutrition and Antioxidants.  It contains 16- 2oz servings and is great alone or in my morning smoothie.  It RE-juvenates, RE-vitalizes and RE-vives the body from nutrient depleting stress.

For work days, long hikes, or workouts, you’ll really like the 2.5oz REVIVE Energy Shots.  The “energy” comes from the natural nutrition of slow-burning (good) carbs, vitamins and minerals from the superfruits.  That’s it!  No synthetic chemicals or stimulants!

Check to see if your Raley’s/Bel Air/Nob Hill will have demos to sample these delicious beverages the second week of October.


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