Tired of Being Tired? Rest Up with Herbal Cup Tea

Healing Herbs in a Cup

Natural Foods:  Tired of Being Tired? Rest Up with Herbal Cup Tea

Discover the proven ancient healing art of Ayurveda (Ayur=life, Veda=knowledge).  I love Herbal Cup teas, because their tea blends rely on the power of nature and life balance.  I especially like the Bednite blend.  With our busy and hectic lifestyles, sometimes our body just won’t turn off and go to sleep when it’s time to go to bed.  Studies show that we do so much better with focus and attention and are even more successful at losing weight, when we get plenty of rest.  Great, you say, but how do you do that when you can’t go to sleep, or just stay asleep?

The answer - make a cup of Herbal Cup Bednite Tea to enjoy in the evening before bedtime.  The combination of Chamomile, Passion Flower, Valerian and Skullcap has been skillfully blended with delicious herbs like spearmint and raspberry, according to a valued herbal healing tea formula.  These formulas and blending techniques have been handed down through the generations from a Master Healer trained in the ancient Ayurvedic arts – no kidding. 

The result is that your body is able to relax, calm down and drift off to sleep so your body can rejuvenate.  For me, the best part is that it allows me to stayasleep.  Give it a try!  Sweet Dreams!

- Learn more at: http://www.herbalcuptea.com/index.html—Learn more about sleeping well to function better at  http://www.raleys.com/cfapps/healthnotes/


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Herbal Cup Bednite
Rejuvenate the body with a good nights sleep!