Wet Your Whistle This Season With Dry Soda

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This Season With Dry Soda
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The holiday season is upon us. If you're looking for new and fun beverages to serve that are a bit more health-promoting with less sugar, this definitely fits the bill.

The term "dry" usually refers to wine, meaning it is "less sweet," and it means the same with this soda. Dry Soda is made with a little bit of pure cane sugar, which make is less sweet than your normal sugary soda. It is made with just four ingredients: carbonated water; pure cane sugar; natural fruit, flower or herb essence; and a clean preservative. 

Because it only contains a minimal amount of pure cane sugar, it has from 45 to 70 calories per serving, depending on the flavor, and a clean flavorful taste without caffeine or sodium.

For flavor profiles, fun food pairing recipes and cocktail recipes, go to drysoda.com.


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Dry Soda Vanilla
caffeine and sodium free, great to sip, pair or mix