Put a Little Zing into Your Snacking!

Zing Bars

Natural Foods:  Put a Little Zing into Your Snacking!
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There are so many snack bars and meal replacements out there, how do you choose?  Why not choose one created by experts in nutrition? 

Zing bars were created to meet the nutritional needs of folks on the go who find it impractical to pack good nutritionally balanced foods, like carrots and hummus, with them.  Zing bars use real food ingredients combined in a way that is tasty and meets daily vitamin and mineral needs instead of synthetic vitamin fortification. 

There are no allergy-aggravating gluten, wheat or soy protein, and no corn, or corn sweeteners, which are fast becoming another widespread allergen and “metabolism wrecker.”  Instead, Zing bars use fruit, nuts and oats along with a bit of low-glycemic agave nectar to give sweetness and a bit of energy without spiking blood sugar. 


Grab a few of these delicious high fiber, quality protein, low glycemic bars and feel good! Find out more about good snacking at: http://www.zingbars.com/why-these-ingredients/#sthash.a4LF5BIx.dpuf




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