Desert Pepper Dips & Salsa

Dessert Pepper Salsa

Natural Foods:  Desert Pepper Dips & Salsa
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Did you know that salsa is the top-selling condiment in the U.S?  It outsells ketchup and mustard and no wonder, there is nothing like chips and salsa for a quick snack, or to serve or bring to a get together, or as a component in a quick meal. 

There are some really good dips and salsas available, but I have to tell you, my new favorite is the salsas from Desert Pepper.  They got the 2012 Foodie award from Clean Eating Magazine and the flavor combinations are wonderful!  The Desert Pepper Corn, Black Bean, Red Pepper Salsa is perfect spread on a Quesadilla or Burrito and it gives an extra protein and fiber boost  with the beans for natural health and energy, but it’s the flavor that keeps me coming back for more!


Try the White Bean Dip, I like to call “the taste of Tuscany.”  I like to take the jar and warm it for about a few minutes in a pan of hot water, (or you can microwave it if you’d like) then add in some sliced Amphora Roasted Red Peppers, and a few Amphora Black Pitted Olives, sliced, and serve with Way Better Sprouted Chips.  Not only is it incredibly yummy, it’s so simple.

Check out the creative serving ideas and recipes on the Desert Pepper website


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