Quick & Healthy Warming Winter Soups

Soup with Field Roast

Natural Foods:  Quick & Healthy Warming Winter Soups
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Soup made from scratch can be a quick and easy, not to mention, healthy and satisfying hot meal.  Soup can be very filling and is even connected with weight loss as it is a way to keep your tummy feeling full and satisfied.


Soups are also a great way to use up those left overs.  You can throw a variety of ingredients into a slow cooker in the morning before you leave and when you get home, … “soups on!”  You can slice up some fresh sour dough or Multi-grain Rudi’s Breadand you have a delicious meal that is lower in sodium and fat, and high in health promoting fiber and antioxidants when you get home.


Save time by using natural and organic pre-made soups or broths as a base, toss in frozen edamame, canned (bpa free) or pre-soaked beans, left over or frozen veggies, meats—or meat alternatives like Field Roast, baked potato, rice, etc.) To make creamy soups, puree cooked beans and add to the soup as a thickener.


Save money by visiting the bulk section and pick up a variety of beans, lentils, rice, pasta and you might even find some easy soup mixes.  Definitely check out the great easy to prepare soup mixes in the natural section.  It’s winters “comfort food.”


Click on the following for a great 20 Minute Black Bean Soup



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