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Going paleo?  Cutting down on or getting off soda? Have you discovered the miracle of fermented foods in boosting your overall immune system? Then you will likely love KeVita! 

Lots of people are choosing this fizzy fermented drink instead of sugary soda and loving it! KeVita is a light, refreshing, bubbly beverage that is sweetened with stevia.  Stevia is the sweetener that has been said to balance blood sugars and keeps this a pretty low calorie drink with about 5 – 45 calories per serving. 

It's not Kombucha. Often, these beverages get confused. They are both fermented drinks, but unlike traditional Kombucha culture which is fermented with black tea and usually has a tart or vinegary flavor, KeVita is fermented in either coconut water, which adds lots of great natural electrolytes, tea or reverse osmosis water. The cultures used are similar to kefir culture, but it is cultured in water, rather than milk, which makes KeVita vegan and dairy free.

And, it's a probiotic!  Check out this Healthnotes article to see why healthy people can avoid a cold with probiotics – www.raleys.com/healthnotes

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