The Calming Effects of Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

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The Calming Effects of Lemon Balm
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It seems that in today's stressful and fast paced society, our bodies sometimes have a hard time handling the stress and anxieties we put it under. For lots of us, it means digestive issues and problems either going or staying asleep. 

Many of us recognize that diet and lifestyle can affect how we feel, and that diets full of highly processed foods with chemical additives and genetically modified organisms negatively affect us. They can irritate the lining of the digestive tract, and make us feel lethargic and bloated which makes the cycle of stress and anxiety even worse.

Wild craft herbal supplements like Oregon's Wild Harvest offer herbal supplements without solvents or gases to isolate bioactive ingredients to help ease many of the negative symptoms we experience. Discover the many benefits of their Lemon Balm.

Lemon Balm is a pretty little flower with a lemony fragrance that has been used for centuries to support sleep and relaxation and considered soothing and healing to the intestinal and digestive tract. It also has antiviral properties that help to heal cold sores when applied as a cream.

It has been used by physicians to relieve stomach bloating, intestinal gas, menstrual cramps, and headaches. It is also recommended as an aid to sleep and useful for relief of anxiety. Lemon Balm is also used for Alzheimers and ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder). Learn more at www.oregonswildharvest .

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