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Have you tasted these delicious whole food crackers and cookies?  They are organic, gluten free, whole grain, and nutritious, but they are also incredibly “tasty” and sure to please all those gourmet foodies out there. 

More folks are choosing whole foods which are minimally refined or processed and still full of natural, healthful vitamins, minerals and fiber.  Mary’s Gone Crackers and cookies are baked with the special nourishing powers of quinoa, amaranth, and millet grains, and chia, flax and sesame seeds—used by early civilizations thousands of years ago.

Ancient grains and seeds have retained their nutritional value and rich taste in part because they have been relatively untouched by modern plant science. Modern food engineers breed modern grains and seeds for high crop yields, pest resistance and improved tolerance for storage and handling—not for flavor or nutritional value.

Serve on a platter with Hope Jalapeno Hummus and Tofutti Herbs and Chives Cream Cheese (non-dairy options for “mindful eaters”)

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