Nibmor Chocolate —A Warming Winter Treat!

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Natural Foods:  Nibmor Chocolate -A Warming Winter Treat!
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What is one of the first things you think of to warm yourself on a cold winter night?  A cup of hot cocoa of course!  Some of us crave the healing, even medicinal quality of chocolate.  But, some people worry about drinking chocolate in the evening due to the caffeine content.  Not to worry, contrary to popular belief, there is actually about 1/20ththe amount of caffeine in cacao than there is in a cup of coffee.

Nibmor is a rich in flavor, high in nutrition ‘cacao’ beverage that is sweetened with Organic Coconut Palm Sugar.  This is an unrefined, low glycemic sweetener that actually provides nutrients to fuel your body, unlike refined white sugar. 

Made without milk, this delicious ‘cacao’ beverage is vegan and vegetarian.  Because very low temperatures are used to roast and temper the chocolates, the Nibmor folks are quick to point out that there are a number of ‘raw foodists’ that like to drink a cup of slightly warmed Nibmor chocolate in the winter months and will even use in smoothies. 

Blooming Chocolate—Have you ever seen a whitish layer on the surface of your chocolate?  This is some of the cacao butter separating from the other ingredients and is known as a chocolate bloom. It happens when chocolate is exposed to a wide range of temperatures or temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. But don’t worry, it is still fine to eat and will be as tasty as ever.

 Did You Know?  - Chocolate is like fine wine; it ages well over time.  Just remember to wrap it up tightly as it has the tendency to pick up the flavors around it. 

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