Blue Sky—Benefits of Ginger Ale (Holiday Tummy)

Blue Sky Ginger Ale

Natural Foods:  Blue Sky-Benefits of Ginger Ale (Holiday Tummy)
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Ginger ale is one of those beverages it’s good to have on hand; especially at holiday gatherings.  It’s refreshing, bubbly and has a smooth flavor.  But there is another reason.  Consider that often the holidays are full of such tasty and rich foods that we eat too much, or nibble leftovers that have been left out a bit too long, which can leave us with a tummy ache.  That’s where the ginger ale comes in.

The ginger in ginger-ale has medicinal properties.  It’s best known for relieving nausea and motion sickness.  It is also helps to ease inflammation and help aid digestion, and the flatulence that often accompanies it. It’s has thermogenic properties, which helps boost metabolism so we can burn off some of those extra calories a bit more efficiently.

Blue Sky Free’s Jamaican Ginger Ale combines the Jamaican Ginger Oil, South African Ginger Root, and West Indian Pimenta which not only feels good, it tastes wonderful; bold and a bit exotic.  The “free” part is that it is sweetened with the all natural Truvia® brand sweetener, made from the real stevia plant and has zero calories. 

Did you know? - Ginger ale is a great way to freshen your mouth?  Great for social occasions.


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