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Natural Foods:  Health Warrior Chia Bar- Energy Plus+
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 Health Warrior Chia Bars may be small, but they are incredibly power packed. They are the ultimate Superfood. Based on theories that the Tarahumara Indians used chia seeds to fuel their long distance runs, Health Warrior was born. Chia seeds may be referred as “runner’s food,” but Health Warrior uses the power of chia to aid every challenge in life.


Chia seeds are packed with heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, protein and antioxidants – one bag of chia seeds is equal to 10 lbs of salmon! The soluble fiber in chia causes each tiny seed to absorb about nine times its weight when submerged in liquid. This means it takes more time to travel through the digestive tract (keeping you fuller, longer). It also helps slow the speed that sugar is absorbed into body, keeping your energy level even.


At only 100 calories and 5g of sugar, Health Warrior Chia Bars keep you energized and full between meals. Release your health warrior with all three flavors: Acai Berry, Coconut, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

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A good thing in a small package!