Good Health with Probiotics & Prebiotics

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Natural Foods:  Good Health with Probiotics & Prebiotics
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Staying Healthy- It sounds kind of crazy to think that good health can be achieved by eating bacteria, but it’s true.  Roughly 70% of the cells that make up our body’s immune system are found in our gut. 


When the “good” bacteria start to decrease because of being on antibiotics, or eating a poor diet of highly refined or processed foods, it’s important to reintroduce the “good” bacteria, or probiotics to our system to improve our overall health.  In fact, studies show that good digestion, immunity and metabolism have quite a bit to do with how much healthy bacteria we have in our gut.


Our diet– Most of us, eat foods that have been highly refined or processed, pasteurized, or irradiated.  While these processes can provide some benefits, it also has eliminated much of the beneficial bacteria we would normally get from our food.


In addition to stress and various lifestyle choices, if you drink alcoholic beverages, use antibacterial products or are on medications, chances are pretty good that you have an imbalance of good to bad bacteria.  Foods such as yogurt with live cultures, fermented and sprouted foods, beverages like kombucha, and probiotic enhanced foods such as bars, chocolates and even cereals can help replenish these beneficial bacteria in our gut. However, sometimes more probiotic support is needed.


Alive and Growing– Millions of people suffer from colds and flu, digestive issues, eczema, urinary infections, etc., Many find relief when they use probiotics to boost their immune system.  When it comes to treating these conditions it’s important to get the right strains in large enough quantities so they will grow, flourish and colonize in great enough numbers in the body. Prebiotic blends of fiber and natural sugars keep the good bacteria thriving. Learn more at


Check out GoLive Probiotics & Prebiotics!  New to the Natural Food Supplements shelf. This is an amazing product formulation.  They use the 15 most useful strains and combine with an optimal prebiotic combination to make sure the good bacteria can thrive and colonize well in the gut—incredibly effective and gluten, yeast, lactose and preservative free. 


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