Go Beyond Vitamins with Miracle Reds!

Miracle Red Smoothie

Natural Foods:  Go Beyond Vitamins with Miracle Reds!
Well for Life

   The miracle lies in the plant power!  That’s right! Plant sterols, immune boosting medicinal herbs, spices, and anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants from fruits and berries are the catalyst for better health.  Just a scoop in juice or smoothie and you give your body a huge nutrition boost!


It’s called Antioxidiant Superfood because of the Super Fruit Blend of 19 ORAC-Rich fruits and berries— Goji, Acai, Mangosteen & Pomegranate are all known as super-fruits because of their high antioxidant activity.


ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacityand measures the antioxidant activity of a food rather than the levels of specific nutrients, such as vitamin C or E.  The idea is that the more antioxidant activity of a food (ORAC value) the more contained the free radicals that cause damage are, leading to better overall health.


If you read the list of ingredients you will see that there are lots of natural plants (fruits, berries, vegetables, roots and herbs) that are nourishing as well as healing, soothing and medicinal.  Blended to:


-Support Healthy Cholesterol —each serving also includes Cholesterol Lowering Plant Sterols, bromelain, turmeric

-Aid in relief of joint pain, muscle soreness and increased circulation— the anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants and the minerals which aid in recovery after workouts help reduce joint pain, and muscle soreness and increase circulation.

-Support Immunity & Digestion—each scoop contains non-dairy probiotic culture, and an blend of healing herbals and natural plant enzymes to aid in digestion and boost immunity.  Natural fibers help keep a favorable environment for the friendly   bacteria in your gut that keeps us healthy.


ALL Natural, Certified Organic, RAW, VEGAN, GLUTEN & SOY  Free.

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Miracle Red
High in polyphenols, carotenes, and phytonutrient antioxidants—compounds sorely missing in typical diets