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Hope Hummus

Natural Foods:  HOPE Hummus-Spread the Word!
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 Have you tried hummus?  It’s a delicious Mediterranean spread you can use alone as a dip (goes great with any chip or veggie stick), or as a tasty spread on a wrap, in a sandwich, or on a whole grain cracker.  It adds a delicious flavor and is lower in calories than high fat mayo or cream cheese.  Yep, the hummus trend is spreading! (pun definitely intended).


Hummus is made with chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and sesame seeds, which are both high in protein, fiber and a great source of healthy, unsaturated fats. 


It’s easy and fun to make homemade hummus; the down side is that is will only stay fresh for a couple of days (check out this delicious recipe http://www.raleys.com/hummus).


Making a Healthy Choice

Store bought hummus usually has a much longer shelf life.  Too make the most healthful choice, read the ingredient label for simple wholesome ingredients and look for organic.  Ingredients to look for are, lemon juice, organic olive oil, potassium sorbate or citric acid- both are natural food based preservatives.  The simpler the list of ingredients, the better.


Ingredients it’s better to avoid

It’s best to avoid unnecessary fillers like corn starch and low quality oils like soybean oil, both of these are most likely genetically modified unless specified as organic. Sodium benzoate/benzoic acid is also best to avoid as when mixed together with ascorbic acid (vitamin C used as a preservative) creates benzene which is a carcinogen, so it’s best to avoid these in store bought hummus. 


Try HOPE HUMMUS.  They use an innovative technology of high pressure processing, instead of chemical preservatives and simple, wholesome ingredients to create a flavorful, product with a longer shelf life. It’s a creamy blend of organic ingredients with an amazing balance of flavor and zest. 

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