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Natural Foods:  Dress for Success with Drew's Dressings!
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 Want to know the secret to good health? It’s about getting healthy fats (yes, fats), whole grains, quality protein and a pleather of fruits and vegetables into your diet everyday. “I’m too busy,” you say? Well, there are a lot of tips and tricks to make eating healthy on a daily basis tasty, fun and fast.


Check out Drew’s Dressing and Quick Marinades, located on the natural foods shelf. What you will find is a variety of unique dressings made with made with healthy cold pressed olive oils, balsamic vinegars and natural herbs and spices. They are easy to use for quick and delicious, everyday meals and salads.


Try marinating Yellowfin tuna in Drew’s Balsamic Dressing and Quick Marinade for about 30 minutes, and then place on the grill until fish starts to flake (also works well with chicken or tofu). Serve as a sandwich or with a side dish for a quick and healthy meal. Side dish tip – Rice Expressions Microwave Rice only takes 3 minutes to cook. Toss with organic frozen vegetable blend, top off with some of the remaining Drew’s dressing and there you have it! An easy and nutritious side dish to pair with any of Drew’s meal creations.


You might also be impressed by what is not in Drew’s Dressings! Check out the ingredients list on the back of the bottle. You will notice that all of the ingredients are from non-GMO seeds.  Also, all of the flavors come from natural ingredients, using natural preserving agents such as citrus juices and zero eggs or dairy. There are no artificial colors such as Titanium Dioxide (often used in creamy dressings to make them white). Chef Drew only believes in delicious, natural and good for you, ingredients.


Learn how marinating fruits, vegetables and meat before grilling can be good for your health at www.raleys.com/healthnotes


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who's the bbq dude? Drew is my husband's aunt's stepson, and that isn't him! We used to get a case every Christmas-don't anymore. I thought Drew sold the company.

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