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Natural Foods:  Namaste - Gluten Free Foods to Nourish the Body
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Never has a gluten free/dairy free quick meal been so easy, so fast and so nutritious!  Try the new Namaste Instant Soup Cups. They are ready in 5 minutes, and perfect for on the go, at work or after school. It’s loaded with nutritious dried broccoli (freeze dried which retains maximum nutrients) and other healthy ingredients like quinoa flour for added protein and turmeric which is a potent antioxidant for good health.   

Namaste foods never uses any of the top eight ingredients that many people have to stay away from like wheat, gluten, soy, potato, dairy, casein, peanuts or tree nuts. All the ingredients are Non-GMO, all natural, and they only use natural preserving methods like dehydration and natural antioxidants to retain nutrient value. 

Get some great meal ideas at Namaste Recipes.  Find out more about managing food allergies at

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Namaste Soup
Try this vegan version of an old standard! Mom would be proud!

Namaste Soup
A delicious quick and creamy non-dairy soup!

Namaste Veg Soup
A delicious way to eat your vegetables!