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Natural Foods:  Feelin' the Mulberry Love
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Love mulberries and mulberries will love you back. What is now considered a superfood in Western culture, it is thought that traditional Chinese medicine used mulberries to treat many illnesses and diseases. Mulberries contain an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial to the heart and liver, strengthening blood vessels, enhancing vision as well as memory function.


Mulberries range in color from purple, red, black and even white. They have a very unique flavor that’s incredibly sweet, somewhat bitter and very floral.


Drying mulberries may be the most common way to utilize the sweet berry, but we love the way they taste in juices and smoothies. Just check out Mulberry Love Organic Mulberry Juice! This superfruit drink is made with fresh-pressed mulberry juice and organic coconut water for extra flavor and hydration. It's full of antioxidants and is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to help boost immunity, hydrate your skin, reduce inflammation and keep you energized all day long.


And the love doesn’t stop there! Mulberry Love Juice is made with zero added sugars. It’s naturally sweet for naturally you.


Feel the love and share the love with Mulberry Love Organic Mulberry Juice.


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Naturally sweet with zero added sugar!