Michael Teel Appointed Raley?s CEO
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Michael Teel Appointed Raley's CEO
(Wednesday January 6, 2010)

WEST SACRAMENTO — Raley’s Board of Directors today announced that Michael Teel, grandson of the regional supermarket founder, Tom Raley, will lead the chain as Chief Executive Officer.

“He knows the market; he knows the company,” said the Co-Chairman, Jim Teel. “The Board and the family welcome Michael back with our full, 100% support.”

Michael led the company from 1996 to 2002, and returned with the message that he is focused on the family’s goal of keeping the company privately held and staying true to Raley’s core values.

“This is a special company. We are unique in how our employees offer service to our customers. I value that strength, and see it as essential to who we are,” Michael Teel said. “As a leader, my role is to foster this unique quality and allow it to thrive.”


Photo of Michael Teel
Michael Teel, grandson of Raley's founder, Tom Raley, now leads the chain as Chief Executive Officer.