Newly Remodeled Carmichael Bel Air Store Loaded with Sustainable Features
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Newly Remodeled Carmichael Bel Air Store Loaded with Sustainable Features
Store?s Overall Energy Consumption Reduced by 20% Due to Upgrades
(Monday October 17, 2011)

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif.—The Bel Air store located at 4005 Manzanita Ave. in Carmichael has been remodeled to provide an easier and better shopping experience for customers, as well as to accommodate energy efficiency upgrades.

“The store’s overall energy consumption was reduced by 20 percent due to energy-efficient upgrades,” said Randy Walthers, Raley’s Energy Manager. 

Installation of auto-dimming LED lighting and the most efficient refrigerated cases in the industry were among the efforts to make the store more sustainable. Additionally, refrigerated case doors in the produce department will now keep produce even fresher, while reducing energy use.

The remodel also included upgraded interior décor, a stained polish concrete floor, wider aisles, new merchandising strategies and a significant increase in the store’s natural and organic food offerings.  

“We’re constantly striving to meet our customers’ needs,” said Store Director Lynn Luperini. “By making these changes, we’re making products more accessible to shoppers and expanding product categories to give our customers greater selection.”

Construction began in May and the store remained open throughout the project with construction work taking place at night, as to have minimal impact on customers.

Raley’s is considered one of the most environmentally advanced grocery chains in the nation and is dedicated to improving and enhancing sustainable operations in its stores. Last month, Raley’s received a GreenChill Environmental Achievement Award for refrigerant emissions reductions. Raley’s joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill Partnership in 2009 and voluntarily committed to reducing refrigerant emissions to help fight climate change and protect the earth’s ozone layer.

"We are excited to bring an environmentally-conscious, new store design to our customers,” Luperini said. “We’ve listened to our customers’ feedback and we’re confident that the improvement we’ve made will provide them with a more enjoyable shopping experience.”