Update on Customer Duplicate Charges Issue
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Update on Customer Duplicate Charges Issue
(Tuesday November 8, 2011)

All duplicate transactions involving debit cards, credit cards and EBT cards that occurred at all of our stores on Sunday, November 6, have been sent to our card processor to begin the reimbursement process. Once completed, the duplicate charges will be immediately removed from all affected customers’ accounts, however, the actual processing time may vary from bank to bank. We are still working to refund customers who used mixed tender for their transactions (for example, first used their credit card, and then paid with cash).

Please understand that, because of the technical problems we had, some of the duplicate charges may not be reflected in customers’ accounts until today.

This situation was caused by a technical malfunction and not by a security breach, so no personal or financial information was at risk.

We are devoting all of our resources to resolving any duplicate charges as quickly as possible, including extending the hours of operation at our Raley’s Service Center in an effort to best serve our customers and we have increased the size of our call center team to better respond to our customers. Though most of the accounts will be automatically reimbursed for duplicate charges, consumers who have questions or need more information can contact our Raley’s Service Center at (800) 925-9989 or report duplicate charges via our website at raleys.com.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and are committed to making this right with our customers.