A Taste of Italy ? Raley?s Mozzarella Cheese
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Turkey and Pesto Lasagna
A Taste of Italy -
Raley's Mozzarella Cheese
(Tuesday October 23, 2012)

For centuries, mozzarella cheese was only available in a small area of southern Italy, contained to its region of origin because of its short shelf life. Today, however, it is a staple of cooking available all over the world, including in your local Raley's!

"Mozz" (Motts), as many affectionately call it, is a semi-soft cheese known for its soft, stretchy texture as well as its mild, fresh taste. Together, these attributes make it perfect for pizzas, lasagnas, and other traditional Italian fare.

Next time you're in one of our stores, try Raley's Mozzarella Cheese, and you'll experience the fresh flavor of this Italian classic. Need something to use it in? Try our recipe for Turkey and Pesto Lasagna. It's a delicious, savory dish that will warm you up on those cool fall evenings. Try it, and let us know what you think!

Raley's Mozzarella Cheese
Raley's Mozzarella Cheese